Monday, December 26, 2011

Difference between GET and POST methods

Difference in GET and POST method in posting data

We can send Request to the Server by both the GET and POST methods of a form. Both methods are used for form data handling where bothe have some difference on the way they work.

GET : In GET method data gets transferred to the processing page in name value pairs through URL, so it is exposed and can be easily traced by visiting history pages of the browser. So any login details with password should never be posted by using GET method.

i) Data is not secure.
ii) Data is appended to the URL.
iii) It is a single call system
iv) Maximum data that can be sent is 256.
v) GET request is comparatively faster
vi) This is the default method for many browsers

i) Data is more secure.
ii) Data is appended to the URL.
iii) It is a two call system.
iv) There is no Limit on the amount of data.That is characters any amount of data can be sent.
v) POST request is comparatively slower.
vi) No default and should be Explicitly specified.

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